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"I'm going to toot my own horn here-but our patient's are the best source for the answer to this question." -Dr. Kevin Anderson
Why Choose Anderson Chiropractic?
See the Testimonial Link to see what our patients say, or talk to your neighbors, friends and loved ones. Chances are, they've already experienced the friendly care offered here.

Dr. Kevin Anderson is...
Prompt-a no waiting policy and our ability to handle multiple patients simultaneously means you can get in, get taken care of, and get out - quick!

Friendly-we like people. Just stop by and find out how friendly we are

Convenient-great location, no waiting, quick visits

Affordable-compare our office visit rates to others (especially your first visit fees). We'd like to hear what you find, so email us- REALLY! DO THIS!

Knowledgable-ever get an incomplete or confusing expanation from your doctor about a health challenge or procedure? Dr. A takes the time to explain his findings in plain English and encourages patients to ask questions until they understand what's wrong and what he'll do to help.
Why Choose Anderson Chiropractic?

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